God’s Goodness: In Human Destiny

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god’s goodness: in human destiny

Messages and Essays on the Goodness of God in Human Destiny

Heaven as Sharing in the Triune Life of God  This is a message based on John 14 and Jesus' teaching on the Father and the Spirit indwelling us, now and forever.

Into the Divine Nature, Into the Family God Is A message on 2 Peter 1:1 - 4; God is a loving Tri-Unity, and salvation is His work of adjusting us to the culture of the Trinity

Romans 9 - 11, Predestination and Free Will, Hardening of Hearts, and Outreach to the Jewish Community (ppts) An hour long presentation, going in depth into Romans 9 - 11, paying attention to its chiastic structure, and intertextual references to Exodus, Deuteronomy, and Isaiah; also notes early church interpretation of "free will" and the hardening of hearts. The implications of two different views of this passage:  The high federal Calvinist view, and the patristic view. Important quotations included. Summarized by Finney Raju, Predestination and Free Will in Romans 9 - 11, by Mako A. Nagasawa (Society of Evangelical Arminians, Oct 10, 2018)

Hell as the Love of God (and ppts) A paper exploring early Christian teaching on hell, biblical texts, and practical implications. Interpretation of heaven and hell - and by extension, the character of God - largely depends on the theme of fire in Scripture; please see the resources on this page:

God’s Goodness: In the Theme of Fire in Scripture

god’s goodness: the trinity