Evangelism Tools

Mural of Christ calling Simon Peter, from the Basilica of Saint Apollinaris in Classe, Ravenna, Italy, which was built at the beginning of the 6th century.  Photo credit: Lawrence OP, Creative Commons.


evangelism tools by the Anástasis center

These interactive stations can be scaled. They approach a topic and explore the spiritual and intellectual background related to it.

Evangelism Diagram of the New Humanity Paradigm (diagram) 

Evangelism With the New Humanity Paradigm (training module)

Jesus Saves Us From What?  Integration of Motifs in Evangelism Training (chart comparing atonement theories and their implications for evangelism)

Interactive Displays (artistic and intellectual conversation starters, resizable)

Sharing Jesus (sample conversations on the topics of human nature, good and evil, and the character of God)

Illustrations of the Atonement

Illustrations of Sin as Self-Harm to Human Nature

Medical Substitutionary Atonement, Personal Healing, and Social Justice a presentation given at the Honor-Shame Conference 2017, a gathering of missionaries, scholars, and ministry practitioners

How Jesus Atones for My Shame (HonorShame blog, Nov 11, 2015)

other evangelism tools

Brad Jersak, The Gospel in Chairs (video, Oct 24, 2013)