Desire: Jesus Guides Us to True Beauty

Monastery of Lorch, built in 1102 AD as a Benedictine monastery, in Württemberg, Germany.  Photo credit:  Unknown, Creative Commons.


desire: jesus leads us to true beauty

Messages and Essays on Human Desires and Jesus’ Leading Us to True Beauty

How Jesus Atones for My Shame (HonorShame blog, Nov 11, 2015)

A Biblical Theology of Desire

The Desire for a Happy Ending: Interpreting the Movies, Songs, and Stories Around Us 

The Dreams that Refuse to Die 

Jesus and the Shaping of Desire: An Exploration of Early Church Practices

Desires, Beliefs, and How We Know Truth A presentation comparing the role of desire in various belief systems.  Our desires suggest that we have both good and evil in us (we’re made in the image of God & wounded by sin).  This does not prove, but agrees with, the biblical story.  Some desires can be taken up and expanded by Jesus; other desires, Jesus reshapes or transforms.

How Our Choices Shape Our Desires: Experiencing the Triune God

Your Personality, Desires, and Spirituality (although read this critique of the MBTI)

Developing a Spiritual Rhythm of Life to Cultivate Godly Desires

Beauty's Transformation of the Ugly in Gregory of Nyssa's Life of Moses An essay for Dr. Maximos Constas and Dr. Evie Holmberg, for their respective classes at Holy Cross Greek Orthodox Seminary, Fall 2018; examines Gregory's work (c.390 AD) as a critical engagement with the Platonic tradition on beauty and desire, especially Origen and Plotinus; pays special attention to Gregory's statements about Jesus' atonement

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