God’s Goodness: An Introduction to the Trinity

Traditional Irish-Celtic symbol of the Trinity. 


god’s goodness: An introduction to the trinity

Messages and Essays on God’s Goodness: An Introduction to the Trinity

An Introduction to the Trinity vs. the Singularity: Models of God and Why They Matter God is, and has always been, a loving community of persons. This means He is not a narcissist, but is other-centered, by nature. He is good because He is love, and everything He does is an expression of love. 

Teaching the Trinity, Part 1: The Theme of the Father-Son Relationship A discussion guide to passages primarily from John's Gospel, on the Son revealing the Father, what that means for the character of God, and for our sharing in Jesus' relationship with the Father 

Correspondence with TF about the Goodness of God and the Will of God This is a short exchange on Facebook showing the importance of defining God's nature before explaining God's will. 

The Trinity: Can Other Gods Be Personally Known? God is immanent and locatable; God is transcendent and not contained by His appearance; and God is the link between them. This is what makes God personally knowable.

The Council of Nicaea, the Origin of "the Trinity," and the Limitations of Human Language The linguistic, theological dimension behind the Nicene Creed

The Council of Nicaea, the Origin of "the Trinity," and the Role of Political Power The political history behind the Council of Nicaea

Big Questions About God: Comparing the Earliest Christian Theology with High Federal Calvinist Theology, and Why It Matters Workbook style, with quotes and questions to help you compare, contrast, and discuss. The differences are enormous, and deeply relevant.

Messages and Essays on God’s Goodness: An Introduction to the Trinity

William Paul Young, The Shack (Amazon book, Jun 2008) a touching parable about a man who encounters the Father, Son, and Spirit in the shack in which his daughter was kidnapped and murdered. A good introduction to God’s character and fundamental nature as defined by the love between the three Persons, and how that matters to issues of evil and suffering.

C.S. Lewis, Mere Christianity (Amazon book, 1952) a helpful introduction to the Trinity. Lewis starts first with human moral sensibility searching for an anchor point in a framework of good and evil, then moves to Jesus and his work of atonement, then the Trinity. Only a fully good God can heal humanity of our evil, and therefore anchor a moral framework of good and evil.

god’s goodness: the trinity