The Goodness of God: The Holy Spirit

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the goodness of god: the Holy Spirit

Messages and Essays Related to the Holy Spirit

The Gifts of the Holy Spirit

The Gifts of the Holy Spirit a collection of messages and other resources that focus on each gift (charism) of the Holy Spirit: Encouragement & Exhortation; Evangelism; Giving; Healing; Leading & Administering; Mercy; Pastoring & Teaching; Prophecy & Words of Knowledge; Tongues & Interpretation. Each gift is anchored in the character and activity of Jesus of Nazareth. Resources also include at least one message about how a person experiences the gift when she is living it out, focusing on one’s internal experience, motivations, and desires. Other resources include: workshop material and training modules; biblical exposition; recommended next steps.

The Holy Spirit: An Introduction, Three Aspects of Salvation (and ppt) Jesus and the Spirit are involved in solving a problem related to God, to ourselves, and to the demonic; this message seeks to integrate them

The Holy Spirit: The Spirit of Power and the Demons of Old (ppt) This message explains the Spirit's role in deliverance ministry, and our participation in it

The Holy Spirit: The Spirit of Truth and Our Enemy the Liar This message explains the Spirit's role in truth-telling and resisting temptation

Weird Coincidences, Supernatural Events, Funny Feelings - Is That You God? An evangelistic message which interprets certain personal experiences as God's nudging towards Jesus; the Spirit's activity is implicit

Understanding the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit in Action A devotional reflection on Matthew 3:13 - 4:11, part of a longer series of reflections in Matthew's Gospel

Knowing God from the Inside by the Spirit A message on John 14:8 - 21 exploring how salvation expresses union with God through the humanity of Jesus

Internalizing Jesus’ Word A thematic study of Luke - Acts (and small group leader notes)

The Holy Spirit and Speech (and ppt) A message on this thematic study of Luke - Acts

The Fulfillment of Israel’s Scriptures A thematic study of Luke - Acts, relating the Spirit and speech  

The Question of Tongues and the Reversal of Babel A thematic study of Luke - Acts, relating the Spirit and speech 

Women Restored, Women Restoring A thematic study of Luke - Acts, relating the Spirit and women

The Rights of Women in the Bible part 1 and part 2 A thematic study of the biblical canon

Women Speaking Authoritatively in the Worship Service in 1 Corinthians 11 An in-depth small group discussion demonstrating an empowering view of women - and dishonored women in particular - being involved in speaking leadership

Women and Speech in 1 Corinthians 11 and 14 A thorough comparison of views between both 11:2 - 16 and 14:34 - 36, which must be interpreted together 

The Gift of Prophecy in 1 Corinthians 14: Words of Hope from Your Mouth A general message exploring 1 Corinthians 14

Ephesians 4:11:  An Evaluation of the 'Five-Fold Ministry' and 'the Charismatic Restoration' A thorough exploration, especially, of the terms apostle, prophet, and pastor

The Implications of the Chiastic Structure of 1 Timothy on the Question of Women in Church Leadership An argument for women as elders and leaders based on textual, literary, and historical aspects of the text of 1 Timothy

Christian Mysticism: Have We Been Missing Something? This presentation explores early Christian monastic thought on the human person and emotional development

Athanasius on the Holy Spirit, Conversion, and Sanctification, Part 1 Athanasius of Alexandria is regarded as the fountainhead of all theology because of his role in the theological debates about the identity of the Son of God, but his work on the Spirit of God is equally important; this paper explores his writings and engages with secondary sources

Athanasius on the Holy Spirit, Conversion, and Sanctification, Part 2 (a paper in progress)

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