Our Impact


matt tebbe, pastor, The table indy

I *may* finally be emerging from the deepest of the questions. Church Fathers, Mako Nagasawa, Torrance, & N.T. Wright led the way.

danielle, student, boston college

This emphasis on Jesus as God’s new humanity has made him so much more relateable… I never really understood how Jesus undid all the sins and evil within the nature of human beings.  In many ways, Jesus’ death had made me feel guilty, because I found that I was so unworthy to have Jesus suffer on behalf of my sins.  However, understanding how Jesus conquered sin through healing humanity during his life and finally conquering the greatest evil of death, I now see his act on the cross as a moment of triumph. 

david, pastor

Thank you for putting some theological language around what I was intuitively experiencing when I first started in ministry.

phil, worship pastor

I'm a worship pastor at a nondenominational church... someone posted a link to your article on the blog regarding the effects of penal substitutionary atonement and Evangelical support of Trump and Cruz.

In short, it has changed my life. I've since read almost every entry on the blog, and any political statement you make about Evangelicals, the Christian Right, PSA in politics, have rendered me truly amazed at the surgical precision (MSA pun intended) at which you diagnose the problem with PSA, specifically since the colonization of America to today's world. Your scriptural exegesis and historical proof for MSA bring me life. Being raised Baptist, you learn to accept the Bible wholly and fully, and rightfully so. So when I question something so foundational to Christianity as my atonement theory, I need solid biblical proof.

You, sir, provide that proof. And for that, I am truly eternally grateful to you and all at NHI/AC. I felt I couldn't logically present my faith in Christ to those I meet beyond a surface level, not at least when PSA informs your understanding of Christ’s atonement. That has now changed. The Gospel is finally good news once more.