Conference 25 - 27 July 2019


Healing. Restorative. Biblical. Patristic.

We are in the process of editing the recordings from the conference. We will post them here in September. Please check back.

The earliest Christians believed Jesus died not to satisfy divine vengeance, but to conquer the corruption of sin within our human nature as a human being, and restore human nature in his resurrection. The Orthodox Christian tradition has maintained this understanding of Christ from ancient times. Explore with us the practical applications - as well as the biblical and historical foundations - of this medical view of atonement.

For a brief introduction to “atonement” in general, and “Medical Substitution” in particular, click here.

Sessions include:

  • Thu 7pm : Jesus Retells Our Story: How and Why Jesus Retold His People’s Story

  • Fri 9am: God Purifies Like a Dialysis Machine: The Jewish Sacrificial System and the Retelling of Moses’ Ascent

  • Fri 10:30am: Restorative Justice: Why God’s Justice is Restorative, Not Retributive

  • Fri 1:30pm: Restorative Justice Today: Christian Engagement in Public Policy (e.g. criminal justice, sustainable economics, housing, banking, etc.)

  • Fri 3:30pm: Language, Emotions, and Counseling: The Impact of Atonement Theories on Emotional and Mental Health

  • Fri 7pm: Language, Emotions, and Pastoral Leadership

  • Sat 9am: Evangelism and the Hero’s Journey

  • Sat 10:30am: Jesus Retold David’s Pre-Enthronement Story: Reframing Psalm 22

  • Sat 1:30pm: Spiritual Formation, Worship, and Prayer

  • (TBD mealtime) Atonement in Irenaeus and Athanasius: The Power of Recapitulation Theory

Breakout Discussion Sessions by Interest/Vocation: New Explorers, Pastors, Counselors, Activists, and Scholars. If enough teachers, businesspeople, non-profit leaders, etc. are in attendance, we will make more breakout sessions.

Confirmed Presenters and Speakers. Check for updates as we receive confirmations. To expand, click on photos (on some devices, then lower right hand dot).


Meeting Space and Lodging at The Guest House, 670 Broad Street, Central Falls, Rhode Island 02863 (closer to Providence T.F. Green Airport, about one hour from Boston Logan Airport). The Guest House is a former Catholic rectory now owned by a friend of The Anástasis Center.


From: Thursday 25 July 2019, 7:00 PM

To: Saturday 27 July 2019, 3:00 PM


Registration With Onsite Housing (limited to approximately 30). Please wait for our confirmation email. Payments collected on site, at the conference. Partial attendance will be prorated by sessions attended.

EARLY: $60 - until June 30

LATE: $85 - until July 27

Registration Without Onsite Housing (you make arrangements to be nearby):

EARLY: $30 - until June 30

LATE: $55 - until July 27

Food is not included in the cost. There are many great options available in the community, in walking distance (La Casona Colombian Restaurant, La Sorpresa Bakery, etc.). We will have refreshments (coffee, tea, etc.) and snacks on site.

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