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Augustus of Prima Porta, in the Vatican Museum; photo credit: Tyler Bell, Creative Commons.


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Below are small group leader notes, sermons, and exegetical notes on Paul’s Letter to the Romans.

We make the best of modern biblical scholarship, along with early Christian exegesis, relevant and practical.

Messages on Paul’s Letter to the Romans

Romans 1:1 - 7 Jesus in the Midst of Other Heroes

Romans 1:8 - 17 I Am Not Ashamed of the Gospel

Romans 1:18 - 20 God’s Wrath Against the Corruption in Human Nature

Romans 1:21 - 32 Patient A in God’s Hospital:  The Control Freak

Romans 2:1 - 16 Patient B in God’s Hospital:  The Judger

Romans 2:17 - 3:8 Patient C in God’s Hospital:  The Jewish Person

Romans 3:9 - 20 God’s Diagnosis of the Infection

Romans 3:21 - 26 God’s Response to Evil: The Faithfulness of Jesus

Isaiah 52:13 - 53:12 Is There Any Hard Evidence that Jesus Was Really Amazing?  (and ppts)

Romans 3:27 - 31 

Romans 4:1 - 25 What is Faith, Exactly?  What Are We Believing?

Romans 5:1 - 11 Our Confidence:  Christ in Us, the Hope of Glory

Romans 5:12 - 21 The Dreams that Refuse to Die

Romans 5:12 - 21 Jesus is God’s New Humanity

Romans 6:1 - 11 God’s Victory Over Human Evil:  Our Death and Resurrection With Jesus

Romans 6:12 - 14 God’s Victory Over Human Evil:  We Present Ourselves to God

Romans 6:15 - 23 God’s Victory Over Human Evil:  We Are Bondservants of Jesus

Romans 7:1 - 13 Our New Identity in Christ:  Married to Christ

Romans 7:7 - 8 Jesus and Jealousy

Romans 7:14 - 8:4 Jesus’ Redemption of Human Desire

Romans 8:5 - 11 The Spirit of Jesus and God’s New Humanity:  Indwelled by the Spirit

Romans 8:12 - 17 We Are Adopted into God’s Family

Romans 8:18 - 25 Though We Suffer Now, We Hope for Renewal

Romans 8:26 - 39 This is the Love of God

Romans 9 - 11 Predestination and Free Will, Hardening of Hearts, and Outreach to the Jewish Community (ppts)

Romans 12:1 - 2 Be Transformed

Romans 12:3 - 8 Be Unified in the Body of Christ

Romans 12:3 - 8 Developing the Gift of Giving (video, Nov 16, 2014)

Romans 12:9 - 16 Love in Action

Romans 12:17 - 13:10 Responding to Violence and Evil

Romans 13:11 - 14 The Day is Coming Soon

Notes and Essays on Paul’s Letter to the Romans

Diagnosing and Documenting the Problem Within Human Nature: The Medical Purpose of the Sinai Covenant in Paul’s Letter to the Romans 1 – 8 A paper written for Dr. Bruce Beck, for his class on Paul at Holy Cross Greek Orthodox Seminary, Fall 2018.  A summary of exegetical commentary, with special attention to atonement language and the theme of participation in Christ

God Condemned Sin in the Flesh of Christ: An Examination of Romans 8:3 - 4 A paper written for Dr. Bruce Beck, for his class on Paul at Holy Cross Greek Orthodox Seminary, Fall 2018.  I explore how Paul derived his statement that the Law was "weak" and how Qumran shared that view. I also explain why "in the likeness of sinful flesh" means that Jesus assumed a fallen human nature and battled his way through it.

My Journey in Understanding Romans A short, two page reflection

Predestination and Free Will in Romans 9 - 11:  What It Is and What It Isn't A short, three page reflection

Romans 9 - 11, Predestination and Free Will, Hardening of Hearts, and Outreach to the Jewish Community (ppts) An hour long presentation, going in depth into Romans 9 - 11, paying attention to its chiastic structure, and intertextual references to Exodus, Deuteronomy, and Isaiah; also notes early church interpretation of "free will" and the hardening of hearts. The implications of two different views of this passage:  The high federal Calvinist view, and the patristic view. Important quotations included. Summarized in a nice, short article by Finney Raju, Predestination and Free Will in Romans 9 - 11, by Mako A. Nagasawa (Society of Evangelical Arminians, Oct 10, 2018)

Whose Family? Which Union? Reflections on Scripture, Human Sexuality and God's Purposes Paul's dependence on Genesis 1 - 2 and Jesus' teaching in Romans 1, 1 Corinthians 6, and 1 Timothy 1

Books and Articles on Paul’s Letter to the Romans

Biblical Hermeneutics, Why is δεδικαίωται Translated “Freed” In Many English Versions? Romans 6:7 (Biblical Hermeneutics website) 

Leander Keck, The Law and “the Law of Sin and Death” (pdf file) edited by James L. Crenshaw and Samuel Sandmel, The Divine Helmsman (Amazon book, 1980) is a very good treatment of Romans 8:1 - 4.  Keck says:

“Had the Son not participated in this kind of flesh, the “condemnation” would not have been liberating; it could only have exposed even more powerfully the human dilemma, so that the net result of knowing about such a Son would, like hearing the law, have only made one conscious of sin (3:20).  This formulation of the radical identification of the Son with the full depths of the human condition is similar to that of 2 Cor.5:21... Christian theology, and especially Christian piety, has found it exceedingly difficult to follow Paul here because of the doctrine of Jesus’ sinlessness. Whatever one may think about Jesus’ sinlessness, Paul’s formulations move on a different plane. They do not have in view the question of whether Jesus committed sins but whether the Son participated in the human condition sufficiently to achieve that which the human dilemma required.”

N.T. Wright, Paul's Gospel and Caesar's Empire (NT Wright Page, May 1998) 

Cristina Grenholm and Daniel Patte, Reading Israel in Romans: Legitimacy and Plausibility of Divergent Interpretations (Romans Through History & Culture) (Amazon book, Jun 2000) 

Thomas Seraphim Hamilton, The True Beauty of Romans 9 (OrthoCath blog, Aug 2, 2012) 

Daniel Patte and Vasile Mihoc, Greek Patristic and Eastern Orthodox Interpretations of Romans (Romans Through History & Culture) (Amazon book, Feb, 2013) 

N.T. Wright, New Perspectives on Paul (NT Wright Page, Tenth Edinburgh Dogmatics Conference, May 2014) 

N.T. Wright, We Arrive at Romans 8 - Session One (video, May 2014) 

N.T. Wright, No Condemnation - Session Two (video, May 30, 2014) 

N.T. Wright, New Creation - Session Three (video, Jun 2, 2014) 

N.T. Wright, New Exodus, New Tabernacle - Session Four (video, Jun 2, 2014) 

N.T. Wright, New Vision of God - Session Five (video, Jun 2, 2014)

N.T. Wright, New Vocation for the Christian - Session Six (video, Jun 2, 2014)

N.T. Wright, God's Powerful Foolishness in a World of Foolish Power - Session Seven (video, Jun 3, 2014)

Archimandrite Vassilios Papavassiliou, Original Sin: Orthodox Doctrine or Heresy? (Pemptousia, Feb 25, 2017) comments on Romans 5, Augustine vs. Pelagius vs. John Chrysostom and John Cassian

Jackson Wu, Is the Glory of God Intrinsic to Humanity? Rethinking Romans 3:23 (Patheos, Nov 15, 2017) very helpful introduction to defining “glory” not as a commodity that God hoards, but the presence and revealing of God

Dr. Steve McVey, What Is God's Wrath (GCI You're Included) a helpful commentary on Romans 1:18 and other passages

Jackson Wu, Why Is God Justified in Romans?: Vindicating Paul’s Use of Psalm 51 in Romans 3:4 (Patheos, Feb 14, 2018)

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