other beliefs: Judaism

These resources explore the epistemology (proof for, and provability), metaphysics (ideas about God and reality), ethics, and historical development of Judaism. Comparisons are drawn to Christian faith.

Messages and Essays on Judaism:

The Trinity: Can Other Gods Be Personally Known? God is immanent and locateable; God is transcendent and not contained by His appearance; and God is the link between them. This is what makes God personally knowable.

Jewish and Christian Views of the Messiah

Stories and Spirituality: How the God Engages Human Evil (chart)

Why Did God Choose a "Chosen People"? Why Not Just Skip Right to Jesus? an important question when considering the uniqueness of Judaism, Jewish suffering, and the role of human partnership with God

The Resurrection of Jesus:  Did the Four Gospels Record the Truth?

The Resurrection of Jesus:  Did the Hebrew Scriptures Foresee a Risen Messiah?

The Resurrection of Jesus:  Was it a Jewish Invention?

Helpful Books and Articles on Judaism

Wikipedia, Jewish Messiah Claimants (Wikipedia article)

Wikipedia, Messiah Ben Joseph (Wikipedia article) a very important concept in Jewish-Christian dialogue

Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy, Maimonides (IEP) see especially virtue ethics

Jeremy Kalmanofsky, Personal Virtue (Journal of Jewish Ideas, Sep 1, 2005)

Nehemiah Gordon, The Hebrew Y'shua vs. the Greek Jesus (youtube video, Apr 24, 2011)

Michael Heiser, The Two Powers of the Godhead in Jewish Thought (youtube video, May 4, 2013)

Rabbi Itzhak Shapira, The Return of the Kosher Pig: The Divine Messiah in Jewish Thought (Amazon book, Jul 1, 2013)

N.T. Wright, Israel in Pauline Theology (video, Mar 20, 2014)

Brian Mattson, Sympathy for the Devil (Mar 31, 2014) suggesting the Jewish Gnostic Kabbalah informs Darren Aronofski's film Noah

Ira Jay Bedzow, A Contemporary Jewish Virtue Ethics (Emory University dissertation, 2014)

John Polkinghorne interview (note 28:20min mark about comparative belief systems)

Kurt Streeter, At 93, Rabbi Leonard Beerman still stirs passions with pacifist views (Los Angeles Times, Nov 26, 2014)

Sam Shamoun, Examining Psalm 110:1: A Look at Its Implications on God Being a Multi-Personal Being and Upon the Deity of Christ (Answering Islam website)

Michael Heiser, The Jewish Trinity: How the Old Testament Reveals the Christian Godhead (youtube video, Feb 13, 2015)

David Gelernter, Why Should a Jew Care Whether Christianity Lives or Dies? (First Things, Mar 24, 2015)

Rabbi Evan Moffic, Where Was God in Nepal? (Huffington Post, Apr 27, 2015)

Rabbi Shmuley Boteach, Legalizing Gay Marriage in the Supreme Court (youtube video, Jul 2, 2015) argues for civil unions for all, marriage for none

Coalition On the Environment and Jewish Life (website)

Sean Braswell, How One Jewish Leader Escaped Mass Suicide (Ozy, Nov 8, 2015)

Vatican Radio, Orthodox Rabbis Issue Groundbreaking Statement on Christianity (Vatican Radio, Dec 10, 2015)

David P. Goldman, Michael Wyschogrod, Dead of Orthodox Jewish Theologians, Dies at 87 (Tablet magazine, Dec 18, 2015)

Kristin Romey, Has the ‘Signature’ of Biblical Prophet Isaiah Been Discovered? (National Geographic, Feb 21, 2018)

James Loeffler, Rooted Cosmopolitans: Jews and Human Rights in the Twentieth Century (Amazon, May 4, 2018) and review by Gil Rubin, A State of Their Own: Jewish Internationalism and Human Rights (Marginalia, Jun 6, 2018)