other beliefs: mormonism

These resources explore the epistemology (proof for, and provability), metaphysics (ideas about God and reality), ethics, and historical development of the Church of Latter Day Saints, often called Mormonism. Comparisons are drawn to the Christian faith of the Nicene-Constantinopolitan Creed.

Books and Articles on Mormonism:

Athanasius of Alexandria, Letters to Serapion on the Holy Spirit 1.15 - 16

David L. Rowe, I Love Mormons: A New Way to Share Christ with Latter-day Saints

Simon Critchley, Why I Love Mormonism (NY Times, Sep 16, 2012)

Daria Roithmayr, The Flaw at the Heart of The Triple Package (Slate, Feb 12, 2014)

Brady McCombs, Mormon Church Admits For First Time That Founder Joseph Smith Had A 14-Year-Old Bride (Huffington Post, Oct 27, 2014)

Triablogue, Debating Mormonism (blog, Jul 28, 2015)

Richard J. Mouw, Mormons Engaging Orthodoxy (First Things, May 2016)

Jana Reiss, Mormon Women Fear Eternal Polygamy, Study Shows (Religion News Service, Jul 20, 2016)

Tracy McKay-Lamb, Polygamy Lives on in Mormon Sealings (Religion News Service, Aug 3, 2016)

David Roberts, The Brink of War (Smithsonian Magazine, Jun 2008) 150 ago, the U.S. Army marched into Utah prepared to battle Brigham Young and his Mormon militia

Megan McArdle, How Utah Keeps the American Dream Alive (Bloomberg, Mar 28, 2017) some discussion of Mormon historic views on race

Zaria Gorvett, The Polygamous Town Facing Genetic Disaster (BBC, Jul 26, 2017) fundamentalist Mormon impact

Top Tenz, Top 10 Facts the Mormon Church Doesn't Want Its Members to Know (Top Tenz, Dec 7, 2018) very significant arguments

Lisa Brockman, A Sixth-Generation Mormon Meets a Born-Again Christian (Christianity Today, Sep 20, 2019) “He asked me how I knew my faith was true. I couldn’t give a compelling answer.”