The Gifts of the Holy Spirit

Pastoring and Teaching


the gifts of the Holy Spirit: pastoring and teaching

Messages and Essays Related to the Gifts of Pastoring and Teaching

Developing the Gift of Pastoring p1 and p2 (and ppt) (video, Neighborhood Church of Dorchester, May 28, 2017)

Ephesians 4:11:  An Evaluation of the 'Five-Fold Ministry' and 'the Charismatic Restoration' A thorough exploration, especially, of the terms apostle, prophet, and pastor

The Church and Women in Leadership

Preacher’s Corner

Atonement Theology: The Meaning of Jesus’ Death

Desire: Jesus Guides Us to True Beauty

God’s Goodness: The Trinity 

Other Books and Articles Related to the Gifts of Pastoring and Teaching

John Cook, Learning “Just in Case” versus “Just in Time” (Lifehacker, Mar 15, 2010) a great introduction to the tension of preparing people

David Briggs, The No.1 Reason Teens Keep the Faith as Young Adults (Huffington Post, Dec 29, 2014) 

Ted Johnston, Pastoral Care as Moral Advocacy (The Surprising God blog, Nov 16, 2015)

Jason Cross, The Gift of Teaching (Neighborhood Church of Dorchester, May 21, 2017)



The Gifts of the Holy Spirit