The Gifts of the Holy Spirit



the gifts of the Holy Spirit: giving

Messages and Essays Related to the Gift of Giving

Developing the Gift of Giving (video, Nov 16, 2014) a sermon

Witnessing Through Ethics and Ethical Life (TBD)

Lazarus at the Gate / Global Poverty Impact Economic discipleship curriculum

Lazarus at the Gate testimony A short video from a small group of young adults who gave $55,000 towards global poverty.

Motivated by Grief A blog entry.  Grief is very different from guilt as a motivation, and appropriate

Economic Discipleship blog site A blog site dedicated to fostering a learning community around the gift of giving and the Lazarus at the Gate curriculum

Other Books and Articles Related to the Gift of Giving

Henri J.M. Nouwen, The Spirituality of Fundraising (pdf, 2004)

Leah MarieAnn Klett, Dave Ramsay Says Pastors Must Stop Telling "Broke" People to Tithe, Must First Address Debt, Budget (The Christian Post, Nov 15, 2018) a good perspective 

Michelle Singletary, Want to Save More Money? Try These Three Financial Fasts (Washington Post, Jan 19, 2018) Singletary is a black Christian woman who writes about financial stewardship in an engaging, thoughtful, and challenging way. See also Michelle Singletary, The 21-Day Financial Fast: Your Path to Financial Peace and Freedom (Amazon book, Jan 2014) and summary from her website.

The Gifts of the Holy Spirit