lazarus at the gate: christian economic discipleship

by dr. gary vanderpol, mako nagasawa, and rachel anderson | 2008

Note: Please check back here for the most recent pdf copies of our Lazarus at the Gate guide.  Because of the nature of the topic, we update the guide to stay current.

Lazarus at the Gate (Sessions 1 - 12) for adults

global poverty impact: christian economic discipleship for college students

by mako nagasawa | the anastasis center | 2008

This curriculum is for college students. The differences in income, debt, and dependence on parents make budgeting simpler.

Global Poverty Impact (Sessions 1 - 7) for college students 

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Lazarus at the Gate testimony A short video from a small group of young adults who gave $55,000 towards global poverty.

Motivated by Grief A blog entry.  Grief is very different from guilt as a motivation, and appropriate

Economic Discipleship blog site A blog site dedicated to fostering a learning community around the gift of giving and the Lazarus at the Gate curriculum

Gift of Giving The Anastasis Center resources focused on the gift of giving

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