Exodus: Return to the Garden Land

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bible studies and messages from the anastasis center: exodus

Below are small group leader notes, sermons, and exegetical notes on the Book of Exodus.

We make the best of modern biblical scholarship, along with early Christian exegesis, relevant and practical.

Small Group Leader Notes on Exodus

Exodus 1:1 - 2:25 God, Israel's True Champion

Exodus 3:1 - 4:31 God Calls Moses to Be a Prophet

Exodus 5:1 - 6:30 Moses Confronts Pharaoh

Exodus 7:1 - 11:10 God Speaks the Ten Plagues

Exodus 7:1 - 11:10 The Hardening of Pharaoh's Heart

Exodus 12:1 - 14:31 Another Doorway Through Blood into Freedom

Exodus 15:1 - 27 The Victory Song by the Sea

Exodus 16:1 - 17:7 God's Spiritual Bootcamp:  Lessons on the Appetite

Exodus 17:8 - 18:27 God Restores Wisdom and Justice

Exodus 19:1 - 24:18 God Beckons from the Mountain

Exodus 20:1 - 28 God's Ten Words

Exodus 21:1 - 36 God the Restorer and the Laws of Restoration

Exodus 21:28 - 22:17 God the Restorer and the Laws of Theft

Exodus 22:18 - 23:33 God the Truth and the Laws of Falsehood

Exodus 25:1 - 31:11 God Prepares His Wardrobe

Exodus 31:12 - 34:35 God's Covenant and Moses the Mediator

Exodus 35:1 - 40:38 God Tabernacled Among Us

Notes and Essays on Exodus

The Ethics of Abortion in the United States: A Socio-Political Approach A long essay examining not only the traditional biological question of the status of the fetus from the manuscript differences and interpretive uncertainties surrounding Exodus 21:22 - 25, but also other ethical questions such as the responsibility of the father and the cost of child-raising

Helpful Practical Tools to Teach Exodus

Alastair Roberts, 40 Days of Exoduses (blog)

The Bible Project, Sacrifice and Atonement (The Bible Project, Aug 27, 2015) a good 7 minute video which accurately talks about the purification by blood depicted in the Jewish offerings 

The Bible Project, The Law  (The Bible Project, Oct 12, 2015)  a very nice 6 minute video which places the stress on the story of the Torah, and beyond, not simply the commandments

The Bible Project, The Book of Exodus, Overview Part 1 (The Bible Project, Nov 28, 2014) a 6 minute video 

The Bible Project, The Book of Exodus, Overview Part 2 (The Bible Project, Feb 8, 2015) a 5 minute video

bible studies and messages from the anastasis center