The Unexplained Miracle: Biblical Israel

A fresco from a synagogue in Dura Europos, Syria, dating back to 244 - 255 CE. It depicts the baby Moses being drawn up from the Nile River. Photo credit: Unknown | Public Domain, Wikimedia Commons. The synagogue was next to a Christian house church. Both had remarkable paintings and mosaics.


the unexplained miracle: biblical israel

Messages and Essays on the Unexplained Miracle: Biblical Israel

The Uniqueness of the Jewish People and Jewish Thought A selection of quotations on the uniqueness of Jewish practices, laws, and institutions, from historians and other scholars.

Does the Bible Have Evidence of Supernatural Design? A Sociological Approach

The Trinity: Can Other Gods Be Personally Known?

Jewish and Christian Views of the Messiah

The Qumran Community: A Proto-Christian Sect and What It Means for Jewish-Christian Relations

Stories and Spirituality: How the God Engages Human Evil (chart)

Why Did God Choose a "Chosen People"? Why Not Just Skip Right to Jesus? 

Books and Articles on Israel as the Unexplained Miracle

Gordon Hugenberger, The Historicity of the Bible

N.T. Wright, How Can the Bible Be Authoritative? (1989, 1991)

Frank Moore Cross, From Epic to Canon: History and Literature in Ancient Israel (1998)

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James K. Hoffmeier, Israel in Egypt: The Evidence for the Authenticity of the Exodus Tradition (1999)

James K. Hoffmeier, Ancient Israel in Sinai: The Evidence for the Authenticity of the Wilderness Tradition (2005)

Kenneth A. Kitchen, On the Reliability of the Old Testament (2006)

Ben Witherington, The Relationship of the OT to the NT According to John Chrysostom (blog, Aug 28, 2007)

Roger Isaacs, Passover In Egypt: Did the Exodus Really Happen? (Huffington Post, Apr 9, 2011)

Annette Gordon-Reid, Slavery's Shadow: Historians' Problems with Slave Narratives (New Yorker, Oct 23, 2013) and my reflection on the socio-political context of biblical narrative

C.D. Elledge with Olivia Yeo, Rethinking the "Qumran Community": Recent Approaches (ASOR blog, Dec 13, 2013)

James Wood, Why? The Fictions of Life and Death (The New Yorker, Dec 9, 2013) on why stories and especially the novel wrestles with death - removing the story as a literary form from its original theological context (Hebrew biblical narrative) only leaves a deeply unsettling, emotional question:  why?

Brian Zahnd, My Problem with the Bible (blog, Feb 17, 2014)

Sarah Knapton, Scientists: Noah's Ark Would Have Floated With 70,000 Animals If Built By Dimensions In The Bible (Business Insider, Apr 3, 2014)

Peter Enns, N.T. Wright on Jesus, Adam, Paul, and Hermeneutics (youtube video, May 23, 2014)

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Janelle Alberts, 4 Little-Known Facts About the Bible That Suggest It Can Be Trusted (Relevant Magazine, Apr 10, 2018)

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