Making Sense of the Supernatural

The stained glass spiral of the Glory Window in the Thanksgiving Chapel in Dallas, TX.  Photo credit: msandersmusic | Pixabay.


making sense of the supernatural

Messages and Essays on Making Sense of the Supernatural

The Trinity: Can Other Gods Be Personally Known?

Weird Coincidences, Supernatural Events, Funny Feelings - Is That You God?

How Our Choices Shape Our Desires: Humanity Experiencing the Triune God

The Happy Ending - Will it Happen to Me?  To Us?

Does Prayer Change God? God's Four Responses to Prayer (and ppts)

Suffering and the Sovereignty of God's Word

Why Don't All Good Prayers Get Answered? (TBD)

Miracles and the Supernatural Outside of Christian Contexts (TBD)

Books and Articles on Making Sense of the Supernatural

C.S. Lewis, The Problem of Pain (Amazon book, 1940)   

C.S. Lewis, Miracles (Amazon book, 1947)

C.S. Lewis, "Meditation in a Toolshed", the difference between "looking at" and "looking along"

C.S. Lewis, "The Weight of Glory" and "Transposition" from The Weight of Glory and Other Addresses (Amazon book, 1949)

C.S. Lewis, "The Efficacy of Prayer" from The World's Last Night (Amazon book, 1952)

C.S. Lewis, "On the Obstinacy of Belief" from The World's Last Night (Amazon book, 1952)

Ron Tacelli, SJ, Divine Hiddenness: Pascalean Reflections

Kallistos Ware, Personal Experience of the Holy Spirit According to the Greek Fathers (Silouan Thompson blog, Aug 5, 2008)

T.M. Luhrmann, Addicted to Prayer? (NY Times, Aug 3, 2013)

Kevin Allen, Unique Characteristics of Eastern Orthodox Spirituality (Conciliar Post, Apr 16, 2015)

BEC Crew, Space and Time and an Illusion (Science Alert, Apr 28, 2015) 

J. Davila-Ashcroft, The Holy Angels (Paleo-Orthodoxy, Jul 28, 2016)

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