Sources of Christian Restorative Justice


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sources of christian restorative justice: protestant

These resources explore God’s creation order and its meaning as God’s vision for relationships between human beings, and also between human beings and the created world.

Other Books and Articles on Christian Restorative Justice in the Protestant Tradition

The Jubilee Centre (website)

Theology of Work (website) an excellent resource

Theology of Work Project, Gleaning (Leviticus 19:9 - 10) (Theology of Work Project website)

Theology of Work Project, The Sabbath Year and the Year of Jubilee (Leviticus 25) (Theology of Work Project website)

Theology of Work Project, Wealth Gained Through Unjust Means is Harmful (Theology of Work Project website)

Theology of Work Project, What the Bible Says About Sustainability (Theology of Work Project website) an intriguing reflection on Numbers 35

Jesus Radicals (website)

The New Evangelical Partnership for the Common Good (website)

Political Theology Today: A Forum for Clergy, Students, and Scholars (website)

Political Theology (journal, Maney Publishing website)

Creation Justice Ministries (website)

Discovery Institute on Human Exceptionalism (website)

Ethics Driven Innovation (website) a consulting company

Martin Luther King, Jr. on Love and Power (youtube video)

Jacques Ellul, Money and Power (pdf book, 1954, 1984)

Jacques Ellul, The Theological Foundation of Law (Amazon book, 1961)

Jacques Ellul, Propaganda: The Formation of Men's Attitudes (pdf book, 1962, 1965)

Jacques Ellul, The Political Illusion (Amazon book, 1965, 1967) and Yuval Noah Harari, Why Technology Favors Tyranny (The Atlantic, Oct 2018)

Jacques Ellul, The Politics of God and the Politics of Man (pdf book, 1966, 1972)

Jacques Ellul, Violence: Reflections from a Christian Perspective (pdf book, 1969)

Jacques Ellul, The Meaning of the City (Amazon book, 1970)

Jacques Ellul, The New Demons (pdf book, 1973, 1975)

Jacques Ellul, The Betrayal of the West (pdf book, 1975, 1978)

Jacques Ellul, The Technological System (pdf book, 1977 1980)

Jacques Ellul, Jesus and Marx (pdf book, 1979, 1988)

Jacques Ellul, The Subversion of Christianity (Amazon book, 1986)

Jacques Ellul, Anarchy and Christianity (pdf book, 1988, 1991)

Jacques Ellul, The Technological Bluff (pdf book, 1988, 1990)

Jacques Ellul website in French

Richard B. Hays, The Moral Vision of the New Testament (Amazon book, 1986)

Timothy Gorringe, Capital and the Kingdom: Theological Ethics and Economic Order (Amazon book, Mar 1994)

Oliver M.T. O'Donovan, Resurrection and Moral Order (Amazon book, 1994)

John Howard Yoder, The Politics of Jesus (Amazon book, 1994)

Timothy Gorringe, God's Just Vengeance: Crime, Violence, and the Rhetoric of Salvation (Amazon book, May 1996) a must read on both theology and ethics

Duncan B. Forrester, Christian Justice and Public Policy (Amazon book, 1997)

Oliver O’Donovan and Joan Lockwood O’Donovan, From Irenaeus to Grotius: A Sourcebook in Christian Political Thought (Amazon book, 1999) and this bibliographic summary by Patristic Evangelism, Readings in Patristic Ethics  (Patristic Evangelism blog, date unknown)

Oliver O’Donovan, The Desire of Nations: Rediscovering the Roots of Political Theology (Amazon book, 1999) deals with the biblical presentation of the church, states, and Israel - not simply 'church and state' - and does an excellent job in biblical exposition and church history

Robert M. Frakes, Contra Potentium Iniuras: The Defensor Civitatis and Late Roman Justice (Google book, 2001)

Timothy Gorringe, Fair Shares (Amazon book, Jun 1999) 

Christopher D. Marshall, Beyond Retribution: A New Testament Vision for Justice, Crime, and Punishment (Amazon book, 2001) and Christopher D. Marshall website

Timothy Gorringe, The Education of Desire: Toward a Theology of the Senses (Amazon book, 2001)

Craig Bartholomew (editor), A Royal Priesthood? The Use of the Bible Ethically and Politically: A Dialogue with Oliver M.T. O'Donovan (Amazon book, 2002)

Christopher D. Marshall, Atonement, Violence, and the Will of God: A Sympathetic Response to J. Denny Weaver's The Non-Violent Atonement (Goshen, Jan 2003)

Glen Stassen and David Gushee, Kingdom Ethics (Amazon book, 2003)

Oliver O’Donovan, Bonds of Imperfection: Christian Politics, Past and Present (Amazon book, 2003) covers leading Christian thinkers, actors, and decisions in pre-modern and modern Western history

Nicholas Wolterstorff, Does Forgiveness Violate Justice? (pdf book, 2003)

John Milbank, Being Reconciled: Ontology and Forgiveness (Amazon book, 2003)

Timothy Gorringe, Furthering Humanity: A Theology of Culture (Amazon book, May 2004)

Timothy Gorringe, Crime: Changing Society and the Churches (Amazon book, 2004)

Brian Morgan, The Eighth Commandment: The Economy: It's Not Up for Grabs (sermon, PBC Cupertino, Nov 20, 2005)

John Milbank, Theology and Social Theory: Beyond Secular Reason (Amazon book, 2006)

Oliver M.T. O'Donovan, The Ways of Judgement (Amazon book, 2008)

N.T. Wright, God in Public? Reflections on Faith and Society (Fulcrum, Feb 14, 2008)

Christian Today, Dr. Michael Schluter on Relational Thinking and Transforming Society (Christian Today, Sep 26, 2008)

Nicholas Wolterstorff, Justice: Rights and Wrongs (pdf book, 2008)

Frederick M. Shepherd, Christianity and Human Rights: Christians and the Struggle for Global Justice (pdf book, 2009) Part 1 contains chapters about genocide and Dickensian poverty.  Part 2 contains chapters about religious freedom and democracy.  Part 3 contains chapters about foundations for human dignity, economic justice, and human flourishing.  Part 4 contains case study chapters on the poor in the Andes, ethnic minorities in Vietnam, and post-Apartheid South Africa.

Marcia Pally, The New Evangelicals: Expanding the Vision of the Common Good (Amazon book, 2011)

Robert Woodberry, The Missionary Roots of Liberal Democracy (American Political Science Review, May 2012)

Andy Crouch, What's So Great About the Common Good? (Christianity Today, Oct 12, 2012)

John Milbank, Are the New Evangelicals a New Phenomenon or a Reversion to Type? (blog, Jan 18, 2013)

Stan Gushee, The Sacredness of Human Life (Amazon book, Jan 2013)

Brian Steensland, Philip Goff, The New Evangelical Social Engagement (Amazon book, 2013)

Andy Crouch, Playing God: Redeeming the Gift of Power (Andy Crouch website, 2013)

Andy Crouch, It's Time to Talk About Power (blog)

Trevin Wax, When John Stott Confronted Billy Graham (The Gospel Coalition, May 8, 2013)

Paul Buhle, Radical Jesus: A Graphic History of Faith (Amazon, 2013)

John Milbank, The Myth of the Secular (video, Nov 14, 2013)

Larry Siedentop, Inventing the Individual: The Origins of Western Liberalism (pdf book, 2014)

Andrea Palpant Dilley, The Surprising Discovery About Those Colonialist, Proselytizing Missionaries (Christianity Today, Jan 8, 2014)

Timothy C. Morgan, Why We're Losing the War on Poverty (Christianity Today, Jan 8, 2014): interview with Gary Haugen about the rule of law

Gary Haugen, The Poor Deserve Equal Protection Under the Law (Washington Post, Jan 26, 2014)

Scott Bessenecker, Would Jesus Occupy Wall Street? (Sojourners, Oct 24, 2014)

Larry Siedentop, Inventing the Individual: The Origins of Western Liberalism (pdf book, Mar 31, 2015)

Ted Grimsrud, Healing Justice (Peace Theology, Jun 28, 2015)

David Cayley, Craig Calhoun, Rajeev Barghava, The Myth of the Secular (CBC Radio, Jul 2, 2015) part 6 features John Milbank and Radical Orthodoxy

Matthew Tuininga, The Gospel, Liberalism, and Social Hierarchy (The Calvinist International, Jul 21, 2015) a good attempt from within the Reformed tradition, which tends not to take creation order and 1 Corinthians 6 - 7 into adequate account, as seen in the exhaustion of David Williams, Why Social Justice Is Not Christian (The Christian Century, Apr 10, 2016) and the division between spirituality and human relations in Mark Goodnight, 'Social Justice' Is Not in the Gospel (Cyber Penance, Jan 16, 2017)

Peter Enns, What Is It With Evangelicals and Politics? (blog, Nov 5, 2015) about Christianity and political rhetoric being rival eschatologies

Ronald Osborn, The Scandalous Origins of Human Rights (Veritas Forum, Jan 15, 2016)

Andrew Fulford, On Merit and (Social) Justice (The Calvinist International, Apr 5, 2016) unites a personal obligation to help the poor with government action enforcing some redistribution of wealth; note, however, that the author must frame this government action as "punishment": "the concept of punishment is justified as a communicative act that adequately declares the evil of the offense by returning a kind of evil on the offender"

Roger E. Olson, Reinhold Niebuhr and Stanley Hauerwas: Can Their Christian Political Ethics be “Bridged?” (Patheos, Feb 27, 2017)

Victor Tan Chen, The Spiritual Crisis of the Modern Economy (The Atlantic, Dec 21, 2016) a critique of pure meritocracy

Rod Dreher, Capitalism, Community, Christianity (The American Conservative, Jan 10, 2017) about capitalism creating rot from within, and nationalism not being the answer

Richard Beck, The Paradox of Progressive Political Theology (Experimental Theology blog, May 1, 2017)

Richard Beck, How Did Political Progressives Think They Were Anabaptists? (Mennonite World Review, May 15, 2017) helpful contrast with political liberalism, but it's important to distinguish between political liberalism as a tool vs. an eschatology

Steven Weitzman, The Theology Beneath the Trump-Comey Conflict (Christianity Today, May 19, 2017) re: the theology of Reinhold Niebuhr about power, and Comey's study of Niebuhr

Rod Dreher, America’s Culture War On Russia (The American Conservative, May 24, 2017)

David Opderbeck, Martin Luther on Economics (Through a Glass Darkly blog, Jun 14, 2017)

John Milbank, Economics After Luther (Church Life Journal, Jun 13, 2019)

Informative or Intriguing

Human Rights Advocacy and the History of International Human Rights Standards (Univ. of Michigan website)

Charles Taylor, A Secular Age (pdf book, 2007)

Kenneth Feinberg, What is the Value of a Human Life? (NPR May 25, 2008)

Alyssa Bereznak, How Ayn Rand Ruined My Childhood (Salon, Apr 4, 2011)

Jonathan Haidt, The Righteous Mind: Why Good People Are Divided By Politics and Religion; my reflection on his intuition model of morality (tbd); John Gray's review, The Knowns and the Unknowns (The New Republic, Apr 20, 2012)

Max Fisher, 40 Maps That Explain the World (Washington Post, Aug 12, 2013)

Shadi Bartsch, China, Democracy, and Us (Huffington Post, Nov 27, 2013)

Robb Willer and Matthew Feinberg, The Key to Political Persuasion (NY Times, Nov 13, 2015)

David Brooks, Trump, Taxes and Citizenship (NY Times, Oct 4, 2016) note his longing for a relational ethic

Patrick J. Buchanan, Obama's World: Utopian Myth? (The American Conservative, Nov 18, 2016) on the resurgence of nationalism, and some positives

Andrew Higgins, Trump Embraces ‘Enemy of the People,’ a Phrase With a Fraught History (NY Times, Feb 26, 2017)

James K. A. Smith, Awaiting the King: Reforming Public Theology (Amazon book, Nov 2017) and Jonathan Tran, Trump and the Specter of Christian Withdrawal (Marginalia, Jun 6, 2018)

Michael Gerson, A Case Study in the Proper Role of Christians in Politics (Washington Post, Jun 21, 2018)

sources of christian restorative justice

These resources explore the foundation of “Medical Substitution” as the best understanding of the Bible, and the original understanding of the church. There are also links to books, web articles, etc. from representatives of the three broad Christian traditions.