A Christian Restorative Justice Critique of the Right


Christian restorative justice critique of the right

These resources explore God’s creation order and its meaning as God’s vision for relationships between human beings, and also between human beings and the created world.

Messages and Essays on a Christian Restorative Justice Critique of the Right

White American Evangelical Political Attitudes and Behavior: Explanation and Correctives White American evangelical political attitudes can be characterized by the debate between John Winthrop and Roger Williams, and their respective attitudes towards Native Americans, slavery, fairness, and faith in the civic space.  This is a presentation also explores Scripture and church history to argue that Roger Williams was correct.  Given to the staff of Emmanuel Gospel Center, Apr 18, 2018, as a follow-up to how Christian restorative justice impacts ministry; audio file here 

Human Dignity: Does Every Individual Matter? Science, philosophy, existentialism, other religions, and double-predestination based theologies mean that some human beings do not matter. Only a fully Trinitarian theology with a medical substitutionary atonement can provide an adequate foundation.

The Role of Jesus in Revolution and the Pursuit of Justice This is an evangelistic message that highlights the Christian-led and Christian-influenced non-violent resistance movements throughout the world in the 20th century.  They show the connections and spiritual vitality of Christian faith under empire or empire-like oppression.

Christian Faith, Not Secularism, as the Basis for Political Pluralism and Economic Progressivism A brief outline explaining from both biblical texts and early church precedent why Christian faith leads to a political posture of human rights without theocracy. There is a vision for relational obligations, and principled respect for other religions.

Christian Restorative Justice:  A Response to American Christian-Libertarian Syncretism A long essay on how a Christian restorative justice vision engages the libertarian viewpoint, especially as practiced and articulated in the United States

Christian Restorative Justice: Beyond Charity - God's Restorative Justice for Children and Families An example of how a Christian restorative justice vision frames policy issues for the nurture of children.  More application areas for Christian restorative justice can be found here

Christian restorative justice critique of the right: domestic policy topics

Christian restorative justice critique of the right: philosophical influences