welcoming the new kid: a christian study and action guide to the opportunity gap in public education

by mako nagasawa | the anastasis center | 2016

Public education is an investment in all our children. Christians have a rich history of supporting educational efforts for all, including in Alexandria, Egypt when they developed an early form of braille. Yet some Christians in America advocate withdrawing support for public schools in particular. This Guide, following Christian history, encourages a re-investment in all our children.

1. Being With the New Kid: Do We Care About Every Child? (Genesis 1 - 11) 

2. Financing Schools for New Kids: Do We Invest in All Our Children? (Leviticus 25)

3. Fairness for New Kids: Can We Undo Residential Segregation? (Isaiah 2:1 - 4; 5:7 - 8; Micah 2:1 - 2; 4:1 - 4)

4. Can We Fire Needy Students? A Controversial Aspect of Charter Schools and the Business Mindset (Genesis 41 - 50 selections, Daniel 4:27 - 28)

5. Being There for New Kids: Can We Redirect the School-to-Prison Pipeline? (Isaiah 59:1 - 21)

6. Are Teachers Our Gifts to Students? Career Professionals or Just Revolving Adjuncts? (TBD)

Note: Please check back here for the most recent pdf copies of our Study & Action Guide.  Because of the nature of the topic, we update the Guide to stay current.

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