the third abolition: a christian study and action guide to human trafficking and the problems hidden in plain sight

by mako nagasawa and cara garrity | the anastasis center | 2019

There are more people enslaved than ever before, at any period of human history. Yet which belief system can sustain and nurture a genuine abolition effort? Christians, confused and grieved by white Christian involvement in the trans-Atlantic slave trade, forget that earlier Christians fought slavery in the early church, and abolished slavery in northwestern and northern Europe; then, British Christians abolished slavery throughout the British Empire and elsewhere in the 1800’s. We now need a third abolition. This curriculum is scheduled to be completed Dec 31, 2019. It is designed to introduce people (church communities, student groups, etc.) to human trafficking today and how to participate in anti-trafficking actions, personally and in policies.

1. Introduction to Systems of Trafficking 

2. Labor Trafficking

3. Pornography

4. Sex Trafficking

5. Intervention and Recovery

6. Self-Reflection and Transformation

Note: Please check back here for the most recent pdf copies of our Study & Action Guide.  Because of the nature of the topic, we update the Guide to stay current.

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