study guide to dominique gilliard’s Rethinking Incarceration: Advocating for Justice That Restores | intervarsity press | 2018

by mako nagasawa, Sangwon yang, connie bahng, justin feng | the anastasis center | 2019

Dominique Gilliard identifies not one, but five, pipelines to prison, which contribute to the problem of American mass incarceration. He also discusses the involvement of Christians in prison ministry and policy. He explores the faulty notion that God’s justice is retributive rather than restorative. Penal substitutionary atonement, he writes, is mistaken.

Note: Please check back here for the most recent pdf copies of our Study & Action Guide to Rethinking Incarceration.  Because of the nature of the topic, we update the Guide to stay current.

Participant's Guide (Sessions 1 - 9)

Leader's Guide (Sessions 1 - 9) 

We had very deep, effective, and surprisingly emotional and vulnerable conversations. This study helped show us our complicity with racism in the U.S. We had to come to terms with the theologies we believed contributing negatively, especially to the criminal justice system. The resources and links were super helpful.

Mee Byun, HighRock Brookline Church (2019)

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