Power Inequality


power inequality

These resources explore moral and ethical problems in economics, held up against God’s creation order and God’s vision for relationships between human beings, and also between human beings and the created world.

Books and Articles on Power Inequality

Bilderberg Group Connects to Everything (chart, Mar 2012)

Leo Gerard, Walmart, Armstrong Seek Redemption Without Remorse (Huffington Post, Jan 21, 2013)

Joshua Davis, Meet the Man Who Sold His Fate to Investors at $1 a Share (Wired, Mar 28, 2013) raises deep questions about both corporate personhood and the morality of investors

Bill Mears, Justice Back Corporations In Overseas Abuse Case (CNN, Apr 17, 2013)

Jordan Weissmann, Entrepreneurship: The Ultimate White Privilege? (The Atlantic, Aug 16, 2013)

John Green, Why Are American Health Care Costs So High? (youtube video, Aug 20, 2013)

David R. Henson, Criminalizing Christ: The Nationwide Targeting of Homeless (blog, Sep 4, 2013)

Phillip Martin, Underground Trade: Why Human Trafficking is Called Modern Day Slavery (Huffington Post, Oct 1, 2013)

Marcus Bleasdale, Conflict Minerals: Minerals in Our Electronics Have Bankrolled Unspeakable Violence in the Congo (National Geographic, Oct 2013)

Denmark is Considered the Happiest Country. You'll Never Guess Why (Huffington Post, Oct 23, 2013)

Chris Miles, Ten Corporations Control Almost Everything You Buy - This Chart Shows How (PolicyMic, Oct 31, 2013)

The Daily Take, Meet America's Biggest Welfare Queens (Truthout, Nov 25, 2013)

Richard Kirsch, Courageous Boeing Workers Say No to Corporate Extortion (Next New Deal, Roosevelt Institute blog, Nov 29, 2013)

Jeff Faux, NAFTA at 20: State of the North American Worker (Foreign Policy in Focus, Dec 13, 2013)

Rollie Williams, The Tradition of Engagement Rings is Barely a Tradition at All (Upworthy)

Zachary Davies Boren, Major Study Finds The US Is An Oligarchy (Business Insider, Apr 16, 2014) although it was designed that way

Michael Zelenko, The Human Cost of Your Mother's Day Flowers (Vice, May 8, 2014)

Marvin Ammori, John Oliver's Hilarious Net Neutrality Piece Speaks the Truth (Slate, Jun 6, 2014)

Henry Grabar, The Suburb of the Future is Here (Salon, Jul 6, 2014)

Bruce Wydick, The Taste of Many Mountains (book, Amazon page, Aug 2014) about the global coffee trade and Christians working for change

Lindsay Abrams, Water is the new oil: How corporations took over a basic human right (Salon, Oct 5, 2014)

Paul Krugman, Amazon's Monopsony is Not OK (NY Times, Oct 19, 2014)

David Smith, Tanzania Accused of Backtracking Over Sale of Masai's Ancestral Land (The Guardian, Nov 16, 2014)

Eric Lipton, Energy Firms in Secretive Alliance With Attorneys General (NY Times, Dec 6, 2014)

Howard Meyerson, Shareholders' Big Skim (Washington Post, Mar 4, 2015)

David Grewal, Why Fast Track Isn't Free Trade (The American Conservative, Jun 11, 2015)

Alia Wong, History Class and the Fictions About Race in America (The Atlantic, Oct 21, 2015) how government oppressed racial minorities

Howard Meyerson, The Gross Oversight in the Fed's Decision to Raise Interest Rates (Washington Post, Dec 16, 2015) labor lost power to negotiate wages

Eric Olin Wright, Two Approaches to Inequality and Their Normative Implications (Items, Jul 5, 2016)

Paul Mozur, How China is Changing Your Internet (NY Times, Aug 9, 2016) dangers of technology and information consolidation

Todd C. Frankel, The Cobalt Pipeline (Washington Post, Sep 30, 2016) about Congo and the mining of cobalt for lithium ion batteries

Brian S. Feldman, The Decline of Black Business (Washington Monthly, Mar/Apr/May 2017) "and what it means for American democracy" illuminates the relationship between economic independence and political liberty

Margaret Harding McGill, John Oliver Again Fires Up Net Neutrality Debate (Politico, May 8, 2017)

Jon Gorey, What Real Estate Agents, Sellers Have to Tell Buyers - And What They Don't (Boston Magazine, Jun 1, 2017) lack of transparency

Juliet Macur, Redskins Cheerleaders Describe Topless Photo Shoots and an Uneasy Night Out (NY Times, May 2, 2018)

Max Blau, ‘It Does Something to Your Soul When Everyone Losing Their Homes Looks Like You’ (Politico, May 24, 2018) re: evictions in Durham, NC

Lynn Parramore, Meet the Economist Behind the One Percent’s Stealth Takeover of America (Institute for New Economic Thinking, May 30, 2018) "Nobel laureate James Buchanan is the intellectual linchpin of the Koch-funded attack on democratic institutions, argues Duke historian Nancy MacLean"

Eliza Griswold, Amity and Prosperity: One Family and the Fracturing of America (Amazon book, Jun 12, 2018) re: the Appalachian region, environmental issues, and political divide between urban and rural America; see also review by Isaac Chotiner, “What Is the Source of Disenfranchisement for Rural Americans?” (Slate, Jun 14, 2018)

Franklin Foer, Elizabeth Warren's Theory of Capitalism (The Atlantic, Aug 28, 2018) emphasizing power relations built into corporate law and shareholder-executive-labor relations, prior to the distribution of wages; highlights the role of “pre-distribution” of wealth

Anand Giridharadas, Winners Take All: The Elite Charade of Changing the World (Amazon book, Oct 2019) and interview by The Majority Report w/ Sam Seder, Guest Destroys Bloomberg Panel On the American Dream Lie (The Majority Report w/ Sam Seder, Jan 19, 2019) how true meritocracy and democracy have been undermined by concentrations of wealth and power; see also Velshi & Ruhle, Is Taxing The Ultra-Wealthy ‘Punishing Success?’ (Velshi & Ruhle | MSNBC, Feb 12, 2019) 

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