Economic Metrics


economic metrics

These resources explore moral and ethical problems in economics, held up against God’s creation order and God’s vision for relationships between human beings, and also between human beings and the created world.

Books and Articles on Economic Metrics

David K. Goodin, “The God of the Market Place: John Stuart Mill and Maximos Confessor on Economic Virtue” (World in the World: Concordia University Graduate Journal of Theological Studies 3/1, 2010)

Simon Rogers, Bobby Kennedy on GDP: 'Measures Everything Except That Which Is Worthwhile' (Guardian, May 24, 2012)

Simon Anholt, Which Country Does the Most Good? (TED Talk, Jul 2, 2014) and the Good Country Index website measures fairly significant moral measurements, such as: refugees hosted; peacekeeping troops; ecological footprint; etc.

Douglas Holtz-Eakin, Which President 'Created' More Jobs? (WSJ, Nov 8, 2016) says incentives to work, productivity growth, and overall economic growth are more important than just jobs created, but Robert F. Kennedy's critique of GDP still applies also

N. Gregory Mankiw, Want to Rev Up the Economy? Don't Worry About the Trade Deficit (NY Times, Dec 2, 2016) 

David Leonhardt, We're Measuring the Economy All Wrong (NY Times, Sep 14, 2016) 

Kate Aronoff, Unhinged GDP Growth Could Actually Destroy the Economy, Economists Find (The Intercept, Dec 5, 2016)

Richard Spady, Economics as Ideology (First Things, Apr 2018)

Christine Emba, What Country Isn’t Obsessed with Ensuring Economic Growth? New Zealand, Apparently (Washington Post, Jun 14, 2019)

Christopher F. Jones, The Delusion and Danger of Infinite Economic Growth (New Republic, Oct 1, 2019) “How economists came to ignore the natural world.”

David Pakman, Ethical Billionaire Destroys CNBC Clowns (The David Pakman Show, Oct 17, 2019) an interview with Marc Benioff, CEO of Salesforce, on stakeholder vs. exclusive shareholder capitalism, and new economic metrics

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