Financial Corruption and Regulation

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financial corruption and regulation

These resources explore moral and ethical problems found primarily in the American financial system. They highlight God’s creation order and its meaning as God’s vision for relationships between human beings, and also between human beings and the created world.

Books and Articles on Financial Corruption and Regulation

Money Laundering (website)

Global Witness, Stopping the Financial Sector Fuelling Corruption (website)

Global Financial Integrity (website) and Raymond Baker, Capitalism's Achilles Heel: Dirty Money and How to Renew the Free Market System (book, 2005)

Financial Transparency Coalition (website)

Transparency International (website)

Tax Justice Network (website)

Brad M. Barber and Terrance Owen, Boys Will Be Boys: Gender, Overconfidence, and Common Stock Investment (Quarterly Journal of Economic, Feb 2001) and R.A., Boys Will Be Boys (Economist, Sep 21, 2010)

Richard Sylla, The Art of Banking Since the Medici ( video, Mar 1, 2013)

John Eatwell, Lance Taylor, Global Finance at Risk: The Case for International Regulation (2001)

The Inside Job, a documentary about the financial industry and the economic collapse of 2008

Carter Dougherty, Stopping a Financial Crisis, the Swedish Way (NY Times, Sep 22, 2008)

Amy Goodman, Noam Chomsky on the Global Economic Crisis, Healthcare, US Foreign Policy and Resistance to American Empire (Democracy Now, Apr 13, 2009)

BBC News, Market Crisis 'Will Happen Again' (BBC News, Sep 8, 2009) - an interview of Alan Greenspan, who blames human nature

Andrew Tavani, Inside The Mind of Madoff: NYT's Diana Henriques Discusses New Book 'Wizard Of Lies' (Huffington Post, Apr 26, 2011)

David Graeber, Debt: The First 5,000 Years (pdf book, May 2011, updated 2014) and John Green's 15 minute summary Money & Debt (Crash Course video, Jul 2014)

Jake Halpern, Iceland's Big Thaw (NY Times, May 13, 2011)

Robert Shiller, Finance and the Common Good (book, 2012)

Noam Chomsky, Free Markets? (youtube video, Dec 5, 1997) about the role of the state in markets and economic development; the importance of limiting capital and banks

John C. Courtney and Pietro S. Nivola, Know Thy Neighbor: What Canada Can Tell Us About Financial Regulation (Brookings Institute, Apr 23, 2009)

Vedran Vuk, Are There Too Many Smart People in the Financial Industry? (Financial Sense, Jan 27, 2011)

Noam Chomsky and Glenn Greenwald, How the Law is Used to Destroy Equality and Protect the Powerful (CSpan video, Oct 29, 2011)

Greg Palast, How U.S. Vulture Funds Make Millions by Exploiting African Nations (Democracy Now, Nov 22, 2011)

Kevin Roose, A Raucous Hazing at a Wall St. Fraternity (NY Times, Jan 20, 2012)

Greg Smith, Why I Am Leaving Goldman Sachs (NY Times op-ed, Mar 14, 2012)

Laura Ackerman and Don Bustos, Disadvantaged Farmers: Addressing Inequalities in Federal Programs for Farmers of Color (Inst for Agr and Trade Policy, Mar 28, 2012)

David Rhode, The Libor Scandal and Capitalism's Moral Decay (The Atlantic, Jul 13, 2012)

Jaromir Benes and Michael Kumhof, The Chicago Plan Revisited (IMF Working Paper, Aug 2012)

David Stockman, Mitt Romney: The Great Deformer (Newsweek, Oct 14, 2012)

Greg Palast, Mitt Romney's Bailout Bonanza: How He Made Millions from the Rescue of Detroit (Democracy Now, Oct 18, 2012)

Frank Partnoy and Jesse Eisenger, What's Inside America's Banks? (The Atlantic, Jan-Feb 2013)

Michael Lewis, The Trouble With Wall Street: The Shocking News that Goldman Sachs is Greedy (New Republic, Feb 4, 2013)

Matthew C. Klein, The Best Way to Save Banking is to Kill It (Bloomberg, Mar 27, 2013)

Joshua Davis, Meet the Man Who Sold His Fate to Investors at $1 a Share (Wired, Mar 28, 2013; raises deep questions about both corporate personhood and the morality of investors)

Jeffrey Sachs, Fractional Reserve Banking and Fraud (recording of "Fixing the Financial System for Good" Conference, Apr 17, 2013) why we should stop fractional reserve banking

David Knowles, Bank of America Ordered to Pay $2.2 Million to 1,000 Black Job Seekers It Discriminated Against (NY Daily News, Sep 23, 2013)

Robert Shiller, Should We Worry About 'Unproductive' Financial Sector Gobbling Up Our Best? (UK Guardian, Sep 23, 2013)

Laura Gottsdiener, How Wall Street Has Turned Housing Into a Dangerous Get-Rich-Quick Scheme - Again (Huffington Post, Nov 26, 2013)

Amy Goodman and Nermeen Shaikh, Reverend Billy Faces Year in Prison for Protesting JP Morgan Chase's Financing of Fossil Fuels (Democracy Now, Truthout, Nov 27, 2013)

Samantha Bee, Blackstone and Codere (The Daily Show, Dec 4, 2013)

Matt Levine, Blackstone Made Money on Credit-Default Swaps With This One Weird Trick (Bloomberg, Dec 5, 2013)

Matt Taibbi, Outrageous HSBC Settlement Proves the Drug War is a Joke (Rolling Stone, Dec 13, 2013)

James Howard Kunstler, The Volcker Rule Is a Maddening Case Study in How to Suffocate Wall Street Reform (Huffington Post, Dec 17, 2013)

Stephen Perlberg, We Saw "Wolf of Wall Street" With a Bunch of Wall Street Dudes and It Was Disturbing (Business Insider, Dec 19, 2013)

Christina McDowell, An Open Letter to the Makers of The Wolf of Wall Street, and the Wolf Himself (LA Weekly, Dec 26, 2013)

Yanis Varoufakis, Bitcoin and the Dangerous Fantasy of 'Apolitical' Money (Truthdig, Dec 26, 2013)

David Kocieniewski, Academics Who Defend Wall Street Reap Reward (NY Times, Dec 27, 2013)

Jonathan Coppage, Big Banks Score a Win in Switzerland (The American Conservative, Jan 15, 2014)

Steven Perlberg, The Top Currency Traders At Goldman Sachs And Citi Are Reportedly Leaving (Business Insider, Feb 5, 2014)

Consumer Financial Protections Bureau, CFPB Supervision Report Highlights Mortgage Servicing Problems in 2013 (CFPB, Jan 30, 2014)

Kevin Roose, Revealed: The Full Membership List of Wall Street’s Secret Society (NY Magazine, Feb 18, 2014)

Kevin Roose, One-Percent Jokes and Plutocrats in Drag: What I Saw When I Crashed a Wall Street Secret Society (NY Magazine, Feb 18, 2014)

Daniel Wager, Debt Collectors Go After Service Members Despite Protections (The Center for Public Integrity, Mar 11, 2014) note the CFPB's role

"Tyler Durden", The Holy Grail of Investing Has Been Found: HFT Firm Reveals 1 Losing Trading Day of 1238 Days of Trading (Zero Hedge blog, Mar 10, 2014)

Michael McLeay,, Money Creation in the Modern Economy (Bank of England Quarterly, Q1 2014)

Joe Nocera, Michael Lewis' Crusade (NY Times, Apr 4, 2014)

Chris Arnade, The Pope, Obama, and Inequality (blog, Apr 12, 2014)

The Economist, The Slumps That Shaped Modern Finance (The Economist, Apr 2014)

Simon Johnson, The End of Our Financial Illusions (NY Times, Apr 17, 2014) how innovation in finance is bad, unlike innovation in technology

Nomi Prins, All the Presidents' Bankers: The Hidden Alliances That Drive American Power (book, 2014)

Jeff Leinaweaver, How UC Berkeley MBA's Beat the Market with a Socially Responsible Fund (The Guardian, Apr 17, 2014)

Joe Weisenthal, Everyone Should Read This Explanation of Where Money Comes From (Business Insider, Apr 27, 2014)

Joe Weisenthal, People Are Seriously Talking About Banning the Banks - And Its Not As Crazy As It Sounds (Business Insider, Apr 27, 2014)

Ian Katz, Geithner in Book Says U.S. Considered Nationalizing Banks (Bloomberg Business, May 8, 2014)

Richard Eskow, Look Out, Wall Street, the New Populism is Coming (Huffington Post, May 13, 2014)

Richard D. Wolff, Economic Update: Yet More Big Bank Misdeeds (Truthout, May 15, 2014)

James Pethokoukis, Was Not Massively Helping Underwater Homeowners a Massive Mistake? (AEI, May 20, 2014)

Erika Eichelberger, America's 10 Most Hated Banks (Mother Jones, Jul 29, 2014)

Paul Krugman, Obama's Other Success:  Dodd-Frank Financial Reform is Working (NY Times, Aug 3, 2014)

WBEZ, The Secret Recordings of Carmen Segarra (This American Life, Sep 26, 2014)

Jake Bernstein, Inside the New York Fed: Secret Recordings and a Culture Clash (ProPublica, Sep 26, 2014)

Dina Spector, MICHAEL LEWIS: The 'Ray Rice Video' Of Wall Street Has Arrived (Business Insider, Sep 26, 2014)

Matt Taibbi, The $9 Billion Witness: Meet JPMorgan Chase's Worst Nightmare (Rolling Stone, Nov 6, 2014)

Bethany McLean, A House is Not a Credit Card (NY Times, Nov 13, 2014)

Peter Eavis, New York Fed Is Criticized on Oversight (NY Times, Nov 21, 2014)

Robert Reich, Wall Street's Democrats (Huffington Post, Dec 8, 2014)

Elizabeth Warren, Remarks on Citigroup and its bailout provision (youtube video, Dec 12, 2014)

David Frum, The Real Story of How America Became an Economic Superpower (The Atlantic, Dec 24, 2014)

Sean McElwee and Lenore Palladino, Why is the Financial Industry So Afraid of This Man? Joseph Stiglitz ...Why Has He Apparently Been Blacklisted by Regulators? (Salon, Jan 11, 2015)

Jody Shem, Subprime Bonds Are Back With Different Name Seven Year After U.S. Crisis (Bloomberg, Jan 27, 2015)

Catherine C. Eckel and Sasha C. Fullbrunn, Thar SHE Blows? Gender, Competition, and Bubbles in Experimental Asset Markets (American Economic Review, Feb 2015)

Buttonwood, Warning: Too Much Finance Is Bad for the Economy (Economist, Feb 18, 2015)

Ben Hallman, World Bank Admits It Ignored Its Own Rules Designed To Protect The Poor (Huffington Post, Mar 5, 2015)

CNN News, What an Interest Rate Increase Means for Real People (CNN News, Mar 19, 2015)

Zach Carter, General Electric Hands Dodd-Frank Its Biggest Victory Yet (Huffington Post, Apr 10, 2015)

Noah Smith, Finding the Value in Finance (Bloomberg, Apr 16, 2015)

William D. Cohen, Can Bankers Behave? (The Atlantic, May 2015)'

Elisabeth Parker, Surprise! New Study Finds Wall Street is as Greedy and Immoral As Ever (Addicting Info, May 19, 2015)

Andrew Ross Sorkin, Many on Wall Street Say It Remains Untamed (NY Times, May 19, 2015)

NY Times Editorial Board, Banks as Felons, or Criminality Lite (NY Times, May 22, 2015)

Suzy Hansen, A Finance Minister Fit for a Greek Tragedy? (NY Times, May 24, 2015)

NY Times Editorial Board, Racial Penalties in Baltimore Mortgages (NY Times, May 30, 2015)

Elliot Blair Smith, How J.P. Morgan and Barclays Mistakes Inflated the Housing Bubble (Marketwatch, Jun 4, 2015)

Lee Fang, Eric Holder Returns as Hero to Law Firm That Lobbies for Big Banks (Intercept, Jul 6, 2015)

Richard Rothstein, America’s Big Race Lie: How Big Banks and Racist Policies Helped Shape Segregation, Police Brutality (Salon, Jun 17, 2015)

Brandon Wenerd, Goldman Sachs Is Asking Summer Interns to Only Work 17 Hours a Day Moving Forward (BrosBible, Jun 17, 2015)

Cenk Uygur, TPP Grants Banks Terrifying Secret Powers (youtube, Jun 20, 2015)

Zach Carter, Elizabeth Warren Nails GOP Financial Exec: Retiree Lawsuits Undermine Attack on New Obama Rule (Huffington Post, Jul 21, 2015)

Alice Ollstein, Bankers Are Buying Baltimore's Debt, Charging Families Crazy Interest Rates, Then Taking Their Homes (Think Progress, Aug 25, 2015)

Mike Konczal, Critics Say Hillary Clinton is Pro-Wall Street. Her Wall Street Reform Plan Says Otherwise (Vox, Oct 8, 2015)

Matthew Yglesias, Hillary Clinton's Plan to Tame Big Banks Shows Her at Her Wonkish Best (Vox, Oct 9, 2015)

James Woods, Iceland Sentences 26 Bankers to a Combined 74 Years in Prison (US Uncut, Oct 21, 2015)

Shane White, The Story of Wall Street's First Black Millionaire (The Atlantic, Oct 21, 2015)

Zach Carter, Elizabeth Warren Hits Wall Street to Defend Obama Retirement Rule (Huffington Post, Oct 27, 2015)

Claire Bernish, First They Jailed the Bankers, Now Every Icelander to Get Paid in Bank Sale (The Antimedia, Oct 29, 2015)

David Dayen, Wall Street Is Finally Getting Its Comeuppance: Why New Global Regulations Are a Vital Step in the Right Direction (Salon, Nov 10, 2015)

Ralph Nader, For America's Unbanked: Re-establishing the Postal Savings Bank (Huffington Post, Nov 13, 2015) advocating Campaign for Postal Banking

Michael Pope, Car Title Loan Borrowers Should Be Wary Of Requirements (NPR, Nov 28, 2015)

Charles Mudede, What the Empty Storefronts in Vancouver, BC Tell Us About the Dangers of Global Capital (The Stranger blog, Dec 1, 2015)

Matthew Yglesias, Why Hillary Clinton Is Hitting Bernie Sanders from the Left on Bank Regulation (Vox, Jan 7, 2016) about shadow banks

Ryan Tracy, Christine Rexrode, and Emily Glazer, Forget Too Big to Fail; Too Expensive to Exist (WSJ, Jan 13, 2016) how regulation indirectly affects size

Zach Carter, Here's Why Obama's New Wall Street Rule Is A Great Idea (Huffington Post, Jan 19, 2016) about retirement and investment advisors being bribed by financial companies to direct customers their way

Leon H. Wolf, Donald Trump is Owned by Every Bank on Wall Street (Red State, Jan 22, 2016)

Willie Gable, Jr., Be Wary of (Loan) Sharks in Sheep's Clothing (Washington Post, Feb 17, 2016)

Zach Carter, Big Banks Aided Firm At Center Of International Bribery Scandal (Huffington Post, Apr 2, 2016) Unaoil and corrupt regimes

Peter Eavis, Living Wills of 5 Banks Fail to Pass Muster (NY Times, Apr 13, 2016)

Brian S. Feldman, How America's Coastal Cities Left the Heartland Behind (The Atlantic, Apr 18, 2016) about regulatory policy and banks

Alana Semuels, Who Can Go After Banks for the Foreclosure Crisis? (The Atlantic, May 3, 2016)

Patricia Hurtado & Michael Keller, How the Feds Pulled Off the Biggest Insider-Trading Investigation in U.S. History (Bloomberg, Jun 1, 2016)

Lynn Parramore, Can Philosophy Stop Bankers From Stealing? (Institute for New Economic Thinking, Jun 7, 2016)

Renae Merle and Jonnelle Marte, Wall Street Is Making Big Bucks from Overdraft Fees – Again (Washington Post, Jun 13, 2016)

Rob Wile, The Co-Founder of America's Largest Black-Owned Bank Says Racism is Rampant in Finance (Splinter, Jul 28, 2016)

John Oliver, Panana Papers and Credit Reports (Last Week Tonight, Jul 31, 2016)

Robert Reich, A Little Goes a Long Way: Why a Small Tax on Wall Street Trades Is a Good Idea (Salon, Aug 11, 2016)

James Rufus Koren, Wells Fargo to Pay $185 million to Settle Allegations Its Workers Opened Fake Accounts (LA Times, Sep 8, 2016) and Seth Myers, Dammit! Wells Fargo (SNL, Sep 15, 2016) and John Oliver, Wells Fargo (Last Week Tonight, Sep 26, 2016)

Bill Chappell, 'You Should Resign': Watch Sen. Elizabeth Warren Grill Wells Fargo CEO John Stumpf (NPR, Sep 20, 2016)

Silla Brush, Trump May Save Banks Billions by Disrupting Global Rules (Business Insider, Nov 13, 2016) a big problem esp re: assessments of risk on debt

Ryan Cooper, 2009: The Year the Democratic Party Died (The Week, Nov 15, 2016) how they handled the banking and mortgage crisis

Rebecca McCray, Meet the Six Big Banks Keeping Private Prisons in Business (Huffington Post, Nov 17, 2016)

David Dayen, Treasury Nominee Steve Mnuchin’s Bank Accused of “Widespread Misconduct” in Leaked Memo (The Intercept, Jan 3, 2017)

Gillian B. White, Two Major Credit Reporting Agencies Have Been Lying to Consumers (The Atlantic, Jan 4, 2017)

Mark Sumner, Donald Trump Was Bailed Out of Bankruptcy by Russia Crime Bosses (Alternet, Jan 10, 2017) note it is a summary from an article in the Financial Times

Liam Vaughan and Gavin Finch, Libor Scandal: The Bankers Who Fixed the World's Most Important Number (Guardian, Jan 18, 2017)

Stacy Cowley and Jessica Silver-Greenberg, Student Loan Collector Cheated Millions, Lawsuits Say (NY Times, Jan 18, 2017)

Mary Papenfuss, Wells Fargo Complaints Vanish From Labor Department Website (Huffington Post, Jan 27, 2017)

The Young Turks, Wells Fargo Loses Billions for Funding Dakota Pipeline (The Young Turks, Feb 5, 2017) the city of Seattle pulled $3b out

The Young Turks, Why Warren Buffett Loves Dakota Access Pipeline (The Young Turks, Feb 5, 2017) example of Buffett's political activities protecting his investments

Nathan Layne, Ned Parker, Svetlana Reiter, Stephen Grey and Ryan McNeil, Russian Elites Invested Nearly $100 Million in Trump Buildings (Business Insider, Mar 17, 2017)

Caleb Melby and David Kocieniewski, Inside the Troubled Kushner Tower: Empty Offices and Mounting Debt (Bloomberg, Mar 22, 2017)

Jeff Horwitz and Chad Day, Before Trump Job, Manafort Worked to Aid Putin (Associated Press News, Mar 23, 2017)

Daniel Mintz, Why Cut an Agency That Makes Money? (Bloomberg, Mar 22, 2017) OPIC, fascinating example of a govt-run financing corporation

Justin Glawe, Pro-Trumpcare Republicans Owned Millions in Health-Care Stock (The Daily Beast, May 24, 2017)

Stacy Cowley, 18 States Sue Betsy DeVos Over Student Loan Protections (NY Times, Jul 6, 2017) regarding for-profit colleges and student loan trickery

Craig Unger, Trump's Russian Laudromat (New Republic, Jul 13, 2017)

Nick Penzenstadler, Steve Reilly & John Kelly, USA TODAY is Tracking Trump's Real Estate Deals. You Can Help. (CNBC, Aug 8, 2017)

David Dayen and Ryan Grim, There's a New Wells Fargo Scandal: This Time Its the Trucoat (The Intercept, Aug 12, 2017)

Chuck Collins, Loan Sharks Were Meant to Be Eradicated. Now They're Back (The Guardian, Aug 23, 2017) not "mom and pop" landlords, but Wall Street private equity firms practicing private predatory mortgage lending where you don't build equity and don't own until your last payment 

Aida Chavez, Bank Downgrades Chipotle, Complaining It Pays Workers Too Much. Chipotle Says That's Bunk (The Intercept, Oct 20, 2017) Bank of America is the bank in question

Amy Goodman, Kept Out: Banks Across US Caught Systematically Rejecting People of Color for Home Loans (Democracy Now, Feb 15, 2018)

Aaron Glantz and Emmanuel Martinez, Kept Out: How Banks Block People of Color from Homeownership (AP, Feb 15, 2018)

Zach Carter, A Dozen Democrats Want To Help Banks Hide Racial Discrimination In Mortgages (Huffington Post, Mar 1, 2018)

Elizabeth Warren, Banking's Racist Past (Reflect, Mar 13, 2018) 10 minute speech on the Senate floor; see Emily Stewart, The Bank Deregulation Bill the Senate Just Passed (Reflect, Mar 14, 2018); see Bartlett Taylor, Bank Lobbyist Act Update (Citizen Vox, Mar 28, 2018)   

Michael Harriot, Doug Jones and the Democratic Party Just Screwed Black Voters ... Again (The Root, Mar 15, 2018) and Ryan Cooper, The Subtle Racism of Centrist Democrats (The Week, Mar 9, 2018)

Peter Ford and Laurent Belsie, Disclosure in the Caymans: Global Walls of Financial Secrecy Are Falling (Christian Science Monitor, May 3, 2018)

Gillian B. White, America’s Whittling Away of Consumer Protections (The Atlantic, Jun 6, 2018)

Arielle Gray, I Couldn’t Afford To Pay My Student Loans. Then I Received A Warrant For My Arrest (Huffington Post, Jun 22, 2018) highlights many of the dangers of student loan arrangements 

Tom Nichols, What Jonathan Chait Gets Right About Trump and Russia(Politico, Jul 10, 2018) shows how financial and economic interests are ultimately national, not neutral or individual

Racist American History, The Racist History of Banking (Splinter, Jul 11, 2018) how black Americans were systematically discriminated against through our financial system

Craig Unger, House of Trump, House of Putin: The Untold Story of Donald Trump and the Russian Mafia (Amazon book, Aug 14, 2018) and interview by Sean Illing, Trump's Ties to the Russian Mafia Go Back 3 Decades (Vox, Nov 19, 2018) re: the Russian mafia being a state actor; money laundering; anonymous shell companies; debt as a political tool, not just an economic category; and American prosecution decades ago

The Editorial Board, Inviting the Next Financial Crisis (NY Times, Aug 25, 2018)

Zach Carter, Why Does Wells Fargo Still Exist? (Huffington Post, Aug 25, 2018) not just "too big to fail" but "too big to fix"

Alice Speri, It Took a Handful of Women to Kneecap One of the World's Most Brutal Crime Networks (The Intercept, Sep 9, 2018) note the links between banking and organized crime in Italy's Ndragheta

Zach Carter, Ten Years After The Financial Crisis, The Contagion Has Spread To Democracy Itself (Huffington Post, Sep 15, 2018) Tim Geithner, Ben Bernanke and Hank Paulson dealt a catastrophic blow to public faith in American institutions

The Young Turks, Gary Cohn: What Laws Did I Break? (The Young Turks, Sep 19, 2018) financial fraud where banks sold to customers while betting against them, used derivatives to bet on home mortgages

Ben Chapman, The Britain's Public Finances Worse Than Gambia, Uganda and Kenya, Because of Privatisation, IMF Finds (UK Independent, Oct 11, 2018) subtitled "Bank bailouts, rising pension liabilities and sell-off of public assets have wiped £1 trillion off UK’s net wealth, study suggests"

Aaron Ross Sorkin, Paul Volcker, at 91, Sees ‘a Hell of a Mess in Every Direction’ (NY Times, Oct 23, 2018)

Peter Bildsen, I Respected Scott Walker. Then I Worked For Him. (The Atlantic, Oct 25, 2018) from his former Secretary of Wisconsin Department of Financial Institutions, demonstrating how lobbyists and political ambition dampen the strength of healthy regulation

Renae Merle, Wells Fargo Admits It Incorrectly Foreclosed on 545 Homeowners It Should Have Helped (Washington Post, Nov 6, 2018)

Maureen Dowd, Too Rich to Jail (NY Times, Nov 17, 2018)

Renae Merle, Banking Industry Profits Hit Another Record, $62 Billion (Washington Post, Nov 20, 2018)

Michael Stratford, Trump Administration Hid Report Revealing Wells Fargo Charged High Fees to Students (Politico, Dec 10, 2018)

Michael Hirsh, How Russian Money Helped Save Trump’s Business (Foreign Policy, Dec 21, 2018) "After his financial disasters two decades ago, no U.S. bank would touch him. Then foreign money began flowing in."

Emily Stewart, “I Have the Gavel”: Maxine Waters Lays Out an Aggressive Agenda at the House Financial Services Committee (Vox, Jan 16, 2019)

Rachel Maddow, Michael Cohen Documents Raise Questions About Donald Trump Financial Fraud (Rachel Maddow | MSNBC, Feb 28, 2019) case study of real estate financial fraud; Trump applied to Deutschebank for a loan in 2012, and added a quarter billion dollars to his valuation of a property in Bedford, NY to inflate his assets to be eligible for a larger loan; raises a question about whether Deutschebank knew about this

Franklin Foer, Russian-Style Kleptocracy Is Infiltrating America (The Atlantic, Mar 2019) “Washington had placed its faith in the new regime’s elites; it took them at their word when they professed their commitment to democratic capitalism. But Palmer had seen up close how the world’s growing interconnectedness—and global finance in particular—could be deployed for ill. During the Cold War, the KGB had developed an expert understanding of the banking byways of the West, and spymasters had become adept at dispensing cash to agents abroad.”

Bryan Tyler Cohen, Ocasio-Cortez Confronts [Bank] CEO's with Companies Illegal Acts to Their Faces (Bryan Tyler Cohen, Apr 12, 2019) displays a long list of fines that banks paid because they were sued, in recent years

Veronique de Rugy, Corporate Welfare Wins Again in Trump’s Washington (NY Times, May 7, 2019) “We don’t need the Export-Import Bank, which pads the profits of politically connected corporations on the taxpayer’s dime, but it’s back anyway.”

Emily Stewart, Why Banks Kept Doing Business With Jeffrey Epstein (Vox, Aug 13, 2019)

Peter J. Wallison, The Treasury’s Housing Plan Would Pave the Way for Another Financial Crisis (National Review, Sep 27, 2019) re: the privatization of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, housing mortgage guarantors, proposed by the Trump administration. This article is significant because it comes from a conservative position, admitting that the financial sector’s stability is dependent on law and regulation, if not public institutions outright.

Nick Wadhams, Saleha Mohsin, Stephanie Baker, and Jennifer Jacobs, Trump Urged Top Aide to Help Giuliani Client Facing DOJ Charges (Bloomberg, Oct 9, 2019) and helpful summary by Rachel Maddow, Trump Asked Rex Tillerson To Help Giuliani Client With DOJ: Bloomberg (The Rachel Maddow Show | MSNBC, Oct 9, 2019). Iranian-Turkish gold trader Reza Zarrab was money-laundering on behalf of Iran, to evade the economic sanctions against Iran. Notably, Reza Zarrab was previously represented by Giuliani. Zarrab implicated Turkish president Erdogan, who then pressured prosecutor SDNY Preet Bharara (who Trump fired); and suggests that Trump is implicitly or explicitly helping Turkish financiers evade Iranian sanctions, profiting billions. Recall short-lived Trump aide Mike Flynn was paid by Turkey while working for Trump as NSA Director. Recall that Trump tried to quash the Justice Department’s prosecution pressuring FBI Director James Comey to let Mike Flynn go. See also Brendan Pierson, Turkish Gold Trader Details Money Laundering Scheme for Iran (Reuters, Nov 29, 2017) and Brendan Pierson, Turkish Gold Trader Implicates Erdogan in Iran Money Laundering (Reuters, Nov 30, 2017) and Jonathan Schanzer, The Biggest Sanctions-Evasion Scheme in Recent History (The Atlantic, Jan 4, 2018) and Benjamin Weiser, Turkish Banker in Iran Sanctions-Busting Case Sentenced to 32 Months (NY Times, May 16, 2018)

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